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Leopard Print Design Inspired Active Wear

Imagine wearing an outfit that instantly makes you feel energized, empowered, and ready to take on the world. Now, doesn't that feel great?

That is exactly what our Leopard Print Design Inspired Active Wear brings to women. 

Read on to find out more about the print and our collection.

What is Leopard Print?

The print is a replication of a real Leopard's skin. It can come in a wide range of color combinations. 

The Leopard Print is among the most popular animal prints in the fashion world and is a classic staple in womenswear. It has been a favorite choice for years and is known to be feminine and glamorous. 

It was only after 1974 that it began its trend. As part of the Spring/Summer Collection in 1947, a silk-chiffon evening gown and day dress was the first leopard print dress designed by world-renowned Christian Dior himself. And ever since has walked many runways. Also seen by influencers like Kylie Jenner. (link)

Leopard print has taken over in other areas such as shirts, tops, shoes, and other accessories in recent years, in addition to leopard print dresses.

Why? Because leopard print is associated with mystery, elegance, sexiness and makes you feel more confident. You stand out for your distinct and unique style.

What does the Leopard Print symbolize?

Leopard print has such a strong presence symbolizing the beauty of the leopard and is one of the most recognized prints of all time. 

It has also become a symbol of beauty and grace. It is very versatile and can be worn anytime because it comes in various colors and prints. Whether it's being used in a casual way or a more formal way, the leopard print is a great option for any woman to wear to complete the simplicity of the wardrobe.

Leopard is also known to symbolize intelligence and power in cultures all over the world. Surprisingly, even the most basic of leopard print designs can be so effective. 

Is Leopard Print still in fashion?

It never actually really died out and it sure is still a trendy wear in fashion. 

A leopard print is a desirable and unique item of clothing. If you’re looking for a stylish and classy way to make your look come alive, leopard print is a great choice.

What is Balaya's Leopard Print Collection called?

This must have Leopard Print Collection is called Vanāntaraya, meaning Jungle Collection in Sinhalese.


SET - Leopard Print - Limited Edition

Black Leopard Print Set - Limited Edition

SET - Speckle White


Leopard Print Bike Shorts

Black Leopard Print Bike Shorts

Speckle Bike Shorts White


Speckle Criss Cross Back Sports Bra White

Leopard Print Sports Bra

Black Leopard Print Sports Bra

What makes Vanāntaraya activewear special?

1.Feel -

Super buttery soft and stretchy fabric. Feels like a second skin.

2.Fit -

Enhances your curves. Fits perfectly around your arms and waist.

3.Wash -

Holds up in the wash with no discoloration or shrinkage.

4.Strength - 

Durable against oils and chemicals.

5.Material -

 Breathable and great for sweat resistance. 

Own your collection of these amazing Leopard Print active wears by browsing through our store now!

Have you tried our Leopard Print Collections yet? What is your favorite? 

Let us know in the comments below!


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