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Feature Outfit of the week: Pocket Design Bike Shorts (Shakthi Collection)

This week's outfit is a versatile look for your morning cycle or at the gym. Whether you're trying to catch up on your exercise routine or getting in a quick set before work, this outfit will keep you feeling comfortable and confident. 

For the athlete on the go, the convenient design of these bike shorts is perfect for a trip to the store or a jog in the park. Featuring a lightweight material, these shorts are also sweat-wicking and breathable. 

The Pocket Design Bike Shorts are made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. The shorts are available in three sizes, small and medium, and large. And comes in 4 different colors. 

The pocket allows you to keep your phone or other small essentials and accessories close at hand. So you don’t end up losing them.

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